The Curious Case of Inacheroosenum

The vehicle involved in the Inacheroosenum case before the incident

The first and only case of Inacheroosenum happened to Pappy Arnold Gifford in 1986. Pappy was walking across the street, and a car almost hit him. Well, it did hit him, kind of. The moment the car hit his body, there was a giant flash in the sky. When the flash was gone, Pappy was still standing but was at the rear of the car.

The flash blinded onlookers, so nobody knows for sure what happened. One theory is that he bounced over the car and landed on his feet. However, Pappy claims that he was in the exact position he was in when the car hit him, and he doesn't recall tumbling over the vehicle.

Pappy's theory is that whatever the light was, it helped him pass through the car. He believes that because the fuzzy dice hanging on the rearview mirror was in his hand. Also, the car was split in half.

The case was labeled as Inacheroosenum because the only thing witnesses remember is someone yelling "Inacheroosenum" during the incident. Nobody knows if it's connected to the light or a magical word to say if and when you get hit by a car. Pappy didn't recall screaming the word, and it remains a mystery to this day where the light and the word came from.