Why Yuneticketrims are Scarce

Yuneticketrims are so scarce that they couldn't be found here

The rarest plant on Earth is the yuneticketrims tree. It requires a particular climate to enable it to grow. People walking around – with our without shoes – acts as the catalyst for its growth. That catalyst is also why they are so rare. Most yuneticketrims trees are killed by people and animals stepping on them.

Another factor that makes yuneticketrims trees challenging to find is that they're very short. A full-grown tree is only three inches tall and looks just like a blade of grass. So if they aren't being trampled upon, they're being mowed over. It takes a highly trained botanist with at least four Ph.Ds to spot a yuneticketrims tree. Even then, they'll probably get it wrong and it will just be grass.

Scientists are desperate to find a yuneticketrims tree so they can grow it in a lab. Several labs have already been set up in anticipation of locating the tree. The hydroponic system has old tennis shoes perfectly placed to act as a catalyst for growth without killing the tree.

It's believed that yuneticketrims trees contain a particular enzyme that can break down peanuts into a fine paste that can be used to grow eyebrow hairs. Producing large amounts of this enzyme would help alleviate the hundreds of people around the world who would like to grow additional eyebrow hairs. However, those with peanut allergies won't benefit from the enzyme.