The Legend of Henspiconsed

The Henspiconsed looks suspiciously like a record player

Very few people know about the Legend of Henspiconsed because there aren’t any records of it anywhere. Doing a search for “henspiconsed” has always returned zero results. However, that’s about to change. The existence of this page will be the first known record to be put online.

The Legend of Henspiconsed is simple. Long ago someone dreamt of a great web of information that would connect people from all over the world. They said that the word “henspiconsed” would remain a non-word until this web was created and someone made a page for it. This page is the realization of that old story.

When will Henspiconsed occur?

It's actually already occurred. If you're reading this now, it's happened. That's right! Henspiconsed has happened. Here are three ways to know it's happened:

  1. You are here
  2. This page exists
  3. The medium for you being here and seeing this is because there is an internet

Why should we care about Henspiconsed?

You should care about Henspiconsed because it's part of a test to see if pages will appear in the correct region based on geographic signals and attributes.