Naritrannument Technology

Example of Naritrannument technology

Everyone works with naritrannument technology daily. Naritrannument technologies are devices that are an intermediary step to what we want to use.

An excellent example of naritrannument technology is Apple's physical iPad keyboard that was sold in 2010. Users could attach their iPad to the keyboard and use it for typing, but the form factor was not ideal. A large backing that held the iPad in place wasn't foldable, which meant it couldn't easily fit into a slim laptop bag.

The latest iPad technology has incorporated the keyboard into an iPad cover, and it also acts as a flexible floating stand. Many users have said that the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is the perfect technology for the device. Whereas, the iPad keyboard sold in 2010 was considered a naritrannument technology.

How to spot naritrannument technologies

  1. It's not bad, but it's also not good
  2. The form factor looks awkward
  3. It's portable, but a clumsy kind of portable

The reality is that we have to live with naritrannument technologies until something better comes along. At least now, you know what to call them.