Avesslational Feelings

This person is experiencing acute avesslational feelings

We all have feelings, but some people feel avesslational. Avesslational is a rare condition where a person feels like they may be made out of LEGO bricks. It's further complicated by the compulsion to escape the brick world they are trapped inside.

The most perplexing and paradoxical thing about experiencing avesslational feelings is that the person may actually be made out of LEGO bricks. When they escape the brick world, they're stuck in, and they often find themselves still made out of small plastic bricks.

Signs you might be experiencing Avesslational feelings

What can you do if you're experiencing Avesslational feelings?

There's currently nothing anyone can do if they have avesslational feelings. Some people have tried to disassemble the bricks, but have found that results in dismantling themselves. Other people have attempted to remake themselves into a different LEGO creation. Often times, it doesn't work because people aren't creative enough. But if you give them instructions and they have all of the necessary bricks, they can remake themselves into a car or famous building.